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Why Intern with Capture Sports Agency?

Our current intern Jason Kendricks from Nashville, TN came to intern with us this summer and these were his thoughts on the internship.

"My internship experience with Capture Sports has been first class. It blew every expectation I had out of the water. I have learned so much when it comes to being an agent. Research and scouting are very vital parts of the process. Ms. Smith not only tests your skills but enhances them with her nuggets. These come weekly and on occasion daily. I highly recommend this internship for anyone who has aspirations of becoming an agent but it’s not limited to just that. Ms. Smith has granted me the opportunity to experience public relations as well. Capture Sports Agency does an excellent job making sure you are comfortable with every aspect of the internship. Capture Sports Agency also will help you push your limits and escape your comfort zone. Most importantly, Capture Sports Agency makes you feel like a part of the family. Foundation. Elevation. Success. is the motto and I believe Capture Sports has put me in a strong position to succeed."

-Jason Kendricks, Player Agent

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