About Us



To enhance the opportunities for athletes to grow and develop through meaningful and strategic partnership and inspirational community engagement.

We treat every client the same no matter where they are in their career. Rather that be a Rookie, a Vet, a Hall of Famer, or in different leagues. You will receive the same quality service and have the same passionate and dedicated team behind you to support you with your future endeavors.



To assist athletes through opportunities to advance financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually, while sharing their journey with the world.

We look to maximize all of our clients potential from their abilitites as an athlete, their fan base, and their character.



The supporting structure. With God as our foundation, we are rooted in faith, integrity, honesty, hope, humility, and selflessness.

Capture Sports believes in building a relationship with each and every client on an indivdual basis that is catered to that client specifically.



The act of uplifting. Through our sure foundation, we are able to elevate our team to higher heights resulting in opportunities for our clients, staff, communities, and the CSA family.




Once the foundation is sure, and as the uplifting is taking place, there is where achievement is obtained. CSA's success is in providing a positive impact in our clients, staff and communities. When God receives the glory for his works through CSA, that is when success is at hand.